Trivium Solar Pro Panels

How do the Solar Pro Panels work?

Air is gently blown into the Panels on your roof. The air is exposed to the sun, heated by solar energy and distributed into your home via discrete ceiling or underfloor vents.

How do the Panels save you money?

Savings are achieved in many ways including, using less electricity to heat your home, using less gas, using less wood and coal.

Where are the Panels made?

The Solar Pro Panels are manufactured in Invercargill in accordance with ISO8001 quality assurance and safety standards.

What is the Warranty on the Panels?

The Solar Panels have a three year unconditional warranty.

How many Panels do I need?

Every home has different needs. Ask for our no-obligation, on-site Free Healthy Home Assessment and see how you could benefit by using the sun to heat your home.

Do the Panels store electricity?

The Panels are specifically designed to warm and condition your home throughout the day using the sun, to save you money on electricity, rather than generating electricity with the sun.

Trivium Ducted Heat Pump

How does the Ducted Heat Pump work?

A high quality, very quiet heat pump unit is professionally installed in your ceiling or underfloor. The system monitors the temperature of your home and provides whole-home heating and cooling via high quality vents.

What are the benefits of installing a Ducted Heat Pump?

Discreet hardware with extremely quiet operation and excellent performance in winter or summer. Heating and cooling is provided by strategically placed vents to create a feeling of luxury in your home

How is the warm air circulated through the home?

The system distributes energy and warmth into all rooms and is not limited by house design. Internal doors can be left open allowing every corner of every room to be warmed before circulating the air back into hallway and repeating the process. The end result is a luxurious feeling of overall warmth and comfort (or cooling in the summer).

What type of building can benefit from the Trivium system?

The Trivium heating and ventilation system is suitable for most building types including Residential Homes, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Retail Shops, Restaurants and Schools.

What brand of Heat Pump is used with Trivium?

Trivium uses Gree ducted heating systems. Gree is the largest manufacturer of Heat Pumps in the world with an annual turnover in excess of US$20 billion dollars and more than 40,000 employees.

What is the product warranty?

Six year manufacturers warranty.