Trivium is a clever combination of five years research and development in NZ utilising solar energy and centralised warmth/cooling technology.

Delivering a powerful, cost effective and reliable solution that is climate independent, elegant and environmentally efficient.

We have taken the hardware from one of the largest manufacturer of Air Conditioner systems in the World and created a fully automated whole-home heating cooling and ventilation system built specifically for New Zealand commercial and residential applications.

By adding our wireless zone control system it offers a supreme level of control compared to any other traditional air conditioning units, which means a greater level of personalized comfort and energy efficiency.


Trivium has the ability to smartly and efficiently precondition and prepare the dwelling by harvesting free energy during the daytime.

Using as little as 130w it monitors the temperature and humidity inside and out,  and when there is a benefit to do so it introduces filtered warmer drier outside air throughout the dwelling. This achieves the desired set temperatures and humidity as efficiently as possible, while reducing any damp or stale inside air.

Or by the addition of our Solar Air heating Panels which further boost this exchange providing even warmer drier air enabling the Trivium system to work on the “free energy” mode more often and for longer throughout the day, creating great year round efficiency gains.

This enables the air conditioner component to come on less frequently and when running it is working from a conditioned drier temperature creating a level of efficiency that other systems can’t come close to matching.


Other air conditioning systems have a set temperature and use power the entire time.
With the Trivium it is different you have the ability to set a free energy set temperature and a lower set temperature for when energy is needed.

As can be seen in the graph from 1am till 10am power was used to achieve set temperatures. From 10am however the Solar Air Panels have enough energy for the Trivium to switch into “Free energy mode” to warm and ventilate the home to the desired free energy set temperature of 23 degrees when it would then turn off.

The home is able to hold onto this extra energy until midnight before power would be needed to maintain desired temperatures.
Allows for Trivium Homeowners to harvest extra energy wisely and have a temperature they want and since it is virtually free homeowners don't have to go without or justify the extra power to achieve this.