Trivium Ducted heat pump systems are the answer to energy efficient central heating. They’re the perfect complete home heating cooling and ventilation solution, providing a comfortable temperature year round throughout your home.

Ducted heat pumps are vented through your ceiling or underfloor space, circulating heated or cooled air to every room.

Trivium System Benefits

  • Inbuilt solar gain ventilation provides fresh filtered outdoor air
  • Wireless temperature for independent room zone control
  • Future Proofed design with automatic system updates
  • Smart Automation bundled with a smartphone app
  • Discreet hardware with extremely quiet operation
  • Simple, set and forget ease of operation
  • Excellent performance in winter or summer
  • Strategically placed vents deliver heating and cooling
  • Adds value and a feeling of luxury to your home
  • Designed to deliver a high quality, long term solution

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New Zealand Innovation

The Trivium system is the result of years of experience and development by RDM Services Ltd.

Save Power & Save Money

Genuine reduction in power usage, increased comfort levels and whole-house warmth.

Extremely Efficient

Trivium was born out of a desire to deliver cost effective heating by using the sun's energy.

RDM pride themselves on being ducted heat pump specialists who live and breathe their work.

Winning innovation awards with their self made automative approach to personalized comfort and unparalleled efficiency can offer more for their clients providing the complete design, install and service solutions.